Banks are encouraging us to swap cash for credit cards. It’s understandable - credit cards are convenient, safe, and simple to use, but we must consider how they look. Yes, we’re talking about the beauty of the card design.

Let’s talk about:

  • Credit card designs offered by the banks
  • Why you might be interested in customizing your credit card 
  • How to customize your credit card 
  • The most popular designs 
  • Will a stick-on credit card cover impact the card’s functionality? 

Let’s get started!


Why do banks only allow a limited number of design choices?

Bank Credit Cards

Before we dive into the discussion on credit card customization, let’s have a look at what lies beneath. Credit cards are issued by commercial banks. Therefore, it is up to the banks to decide what a credit card is going to look like. This card performs real magic when shopping or using ATMs. Yes, this kind of card allows us to pay for our purchases within seconds, or to withdraw cash from an ATM. That is why every time we pull the magic card from our wallet we’d like to see something more than a bunch of digits and the bank’s logo. The question is: Why are there so few design options offered by the banks? Naturally, the banks are concerned only with the technical side of credit cards – to help us spend money. So the design falls to the bottom of the list when ordering mass-produced cards from a manufacturer in some third-world country. Attempts to please all customers (X, Y, Z, and other generations) result in a design that doesn’t suit everyone. All we’re left with is a few different options with a sad-looking bank logo and a boring, usually monotonous color scheme. After all of that, we’ll have to wait another 3-5 years until our cards expire and the banks initiate the renewal process. The cycle begins again: limited design choices, depressing colors, same logo, and same boring details. Is this what we’ve been waiting for all these years – the same disappointing result? Ask yourself, what was it for? The answer is money: because the banks care about your money and their profit margin. Operating expenses are lower when banks are able purchase a large amount of cards with few select designs.

However, there is a second party in the relationship between the bank and the client. There is the client. The client with their own wishes.


It is not crazy to want a customized credit card

Customize Credit Card In Seconds

Imagine the following: you’re a fan of some basketball or soccer club, a member of a car club, you adore a certain superhero. What does that mean? It means you have a need to express your emotions and you’re going to be looking for the tools to do just that. Then why on earth can’t that tool be something you carry with you everywhere you go? A tool that sits in your wallet, actually. Yes, we are talking about your credit card. Wouldn’t it be great if you could use your card to show off your favorite carmaker’s symbol? The icon of your favorite sports club? Or perhaps the image of an inspirational hero or their catchphrase? You could have all that in the space on your credit card. You take your card out of your wallet every single day, often more than once. You could get daily inspiration from looking at your credit card, as well as impress the people around you or make the cashier crack a smile. Moreover, a customized credit card could also serve as an accessory that goes with your outfit of the day. A Burberry-style credit card – does that sound fashionable?

The possibilities are endless. But what about the means to make them a reality?


A quick, easy, and accessible way to customize your credit card 

Easy To Apply Stick-on Cover

You’re probably thinking: “I’m not a credit card manufacturer – how can I have a say in the design of my credit card?” Let’s talk about the basics. Covers and skins have been around for ages. They help people accessorize their cellphones or wristwatches. A credit card is no different. It is possible to make use of covers to customize a product (in this case – a credit card) to fulfill individual design ideas. It eliminates the need to mass-produce, as the item itself remains the same, while the cover provides the desired change on the surface. Covers come in two types: hard and soft. A credit card has to conform to the strictest measurements to fit in an ATM or a card reader. The only solution that leaves the size unchanged is a stick-on cover. It’s really simple. A few seconds of work bring you a brand new credit card design.


People choose images ranging from cars to family photos 

Customized Credit Cards

The design of your new customized credit card is only limited by your imagination. We offer a huge range of designs, from cars to cute animals. However, you’re not limited by our suggestions. We also offer to customize your credit card according to your own ideas. You can use a special tool to choose a background color, upload a photo (a family portrait, perhaps), write something and choose the font. Customized credit cards are popular among younger people – between 18 and 25 years old – so it’s not surprising in the slightest that the most frequently used designs include various car models, sarcastic images, jokes, or simply extremely vivid colors.  Those who use the customization tool tend to create designs with the people closest to them (friends or family members), or beloved pets (cats or dogs).


Does the card still work when using a stick-on cover?

Customized Credit Card Works As Usual

It is not common practice to try and change the unchangeable. If we’re not familiar with something, it may seem daunting. That’s how our brain works. However, customizing credit cards is a fairly new service that has grown to a few thousand users in a short time. A stick-on cover on a credit card has no impact on its function: just tap, insert or swipe as usual. This means that you can successfully use your card to withdraw some cash, or pay for your groceries. It doesn’t matter what kind of card reader or terminal is used to process your payment. The cover is made from a special kind of material and has a chip-sized gap in the layout. You have to choose the type of chip when placing your order because chips come in two different sizes. A lot of cards also have raised letters and digits on them. Choose the “with window” option to go with your stick-on cover design and we’ll produce a cut out in the right place to make sure any writing remains fully visible.


We hope this post helped you find the answer to the question: “Is it possible to customize your credit card?” The answer is YES! It’s quick and easy, and your card will continue working as usual.