• What you sell here?
    • We are selling stick-on covers for your plastic bank cards. You can apply your favourite design cover on your own bank card in seconds. It’s easy to apply and safe to remove.
  • Will my card still work?!
    • Yes, absolutely! We have tested our covers with all the cards before we produce it. It is works the same way because of use a special material to make sure you can insert, swipe and tap as usual.
  • But will it fit my card?
    • Yes, it fits for your card. We produce the covers in many variations that fit for all cards in the market. All the covers are precision cut. Scroll down for an easy guide to identify your card type.
  • Does it hide any info on my bank card?
    • No, all sensitive info is still visible because our covers are designed in accordance with all type of cards in the market. You don't need to remove cover to see any more information!
  • Can I design my own?
    • Yes, absolutely, many customers do it! Just head to the Create Your Own page, select your card type and you can start designing your awesome card!
  • When will I receive my order?
    • All orders are shipped in 24 working hours (yes, we do all the best!). We use post office delivery services and shipping time frame is from 7 to 17 working days. Your order will be delivered to your postal-box, or you may have to go to your post office to pick it up.
  • What's the difference between a Half Cover and Full Cover? What means 'Window'?
    • There are total 9 different types of covers available. Firstly you should decide you want to cover just half of card or all the card (depends on it you select half or full cover). Another thing is size of chip (it can be small or large). Here is the photo how to identify chip of your card:

      If you decide to select full cover (not half cover) so you need to know about window. Cover with window go on the whole card and have a window so all your information (name, surname, date, card number...) is still visible. Here is examples of main types:




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